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Tingles Massage
Leave happy with a smile on your face
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Hi guys, firstly I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Julie the director of New Tingles and Little Tingles.

As you can see I have two establishments, one in Fenton and the other in Stoke, New Tingles and Little Tingles. Both of my shops are ran at a very high standard. My receptionists are trained to deal with any issue you may have. Our first priority is to make sure you feel welcome and leave happy with a smile on your face.

Unlike my competitors I do offer a membership. This is a nominal fee but allows you as a member many more benefits. We do not want your personal details, just your Christian name, password and date of birth.

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New Tingles (Fenton)

Little Tingles (London Road)

Find Us

New Tingles - Fenton
2 Burnham Street
Landline: 01782 341356
Mobile: 07415 065818

Little Tingles - London Road
230 London Road
Landline: 01782 746060
Mobile: 07415 065818

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